Cafetaria van Ruyven Maassluis

The design for the new Cafeteria is based on a contemporary fusion of American 50's diners and the style of the Amsterdam School. The cafeteria is located alongside a busy connecting road which separates the old centre of Maassluis and the adjacent business park.

The pavilion-like building has a beautiful brick layer with rounded corners over which a flat roof, also with rounded corners, is hanging over. The masonry is interrupted by two large windows with mullions and minimal dimensioned frames. These give passers-by a look inside and create a living showcase that excites and invites passers.

The striking roof, which lies on and stretches over the brick base, is characterized by two horizontal stainless steel bands. The facade lighting is integrated in the overhang which makes the cafeteria stand out at night. The roof has a raised, recessed part that is covered with vertical elements and is completed by an aluminium strip.

© René de Wit / derksen|windt architecten.
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