Situated next to the water of the Spaarne River just outside of Haarlem we designed and realized a contemporary yet rural villa based on the old farmhouses that are built through ribbon development alongside the road where this villa will be built along. We transformed this typology, simplified existing of a brick base with a large roof, to a contemporary design without losing the charm and charisma of the old farmhouses.

The designs base is an in dark red brick with aluminium window frames materialized ground floor in which we designed several sharp corners and different faces which create an exciting and interesting scene and image for the users of the space. On top of this solid base lies the beautiful, angular roof. This roof meets the base with widely overhanging projections which differ in distance to the exterior wall and to the ground level. Especially when the shadows appear under the roof projections the encounter of the base and the roof is both beautiful and exciting.

In the media:
- The house described in an article in Cobouw, Houtwereld, dakweb en Het Houtblad
- Featured project on Floornature
- As a news article in The Netherlands: Bouwwereld, ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem en Architectenweb

© PP de Meijer / derksen|windt architecten.
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