BICYCLE STORAGE AND DESIGN SQUARE Kleine-Gartman plantsoen / Leidseplein Amsterdam

In this design and feasibility study we tried to find a good solution for the bicycle parking problems on and around the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Our starting point was to analyze the current situation on traffic movements and the function of that part of Amsterdam. We defined all aspects that interacts with the square and prioritized them, for example the wishes of the municipality, the people that live around the square and the public transport movements.

The design consists of an underground parking good for 2000 bicycles. The existing trees were lowered to the parking level and provide a well light, safe and spacious parking. The square itself functions as a meeting place for local people and tourists. Instead of a clean and hard square with no sense of direction we designed a beautiful and functional square with enough room to store 2000 bicycles. Our study led to the realization of the parking, unfortunately with a soberer square.

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