extension and internal overhaul
docter practice with fine details and materials

The GPs, who hold a practice in Maasland, were looking for extra space and a thorough approach to a new layout of the practice rooms. The existing building had done a good job for nearly 20 years, but was in need of an internal upgrade. For this practice we came to an expansion that seems to fit effortlessly with the existing, typical building. With the beautiful, vertical, wooden parts, an attempt has been made in a contemporary way to find a connection with the masonry, the volume and the direction of the existing building. With the aim to add quality and to mark the entrance. This seemed somewhat hidden in the old design, we tried to guide the visitors and users of the building, as it were, inside.

The interior has been completely renovated, with almost all rooms on the ground floor changing function, position and size. A nice separation has been made between the 'public and more noisy part of the practice' and the 'quiet treatment and speaking rooms'. With clever and minimal interventions in the position of the the walls and the openings in these walls, combined with changes in function of the rooms, a contemporary practice has been developed that meets today's requirements, and more. For example, a part of the hallway has been widened, not to meet the minimum requirements, but to create more comfort. For these same purposes more daylight has been brought into the rooms at various points.

In this process, the architects worked closely with the general practitioners, with the design being developed step by step. From several variants in the sketch phase, to a definitive design that continued to evolve, perhaps up to completion, with the plan getting more and more quality. Due to the good cooperation with the assistants and doctors, combined with a flexible attitude from the contractor, it is an example of how valuable a good process can be.

© Ruben Dario Kleimeer / derksen|windt architecten.
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