After the destruction of the old Faculty of Architecture the international competition 'Building for Bouwkunde' asked for a design concept for a new building. We were free to choose any plot in the campus, new or in an old empty campus building. Having studied in the city of Delft we understood important role the faculty has in the hole campus; compared to other faculties a large number of student's study here. Placing the building in a remote part of the campus wouldn't be good for the campus as a whole. We therefore choose the original location at the end of the green slow traffic campus lane.

On our design the green lane end in the middle of the new faculty. This brings interaction and maximizes the public space. Together with two other important other routes the green lane end in two squares that are below ground level and give access to the two towers of the faculty. One tower embodies the lecture halls, the other has offices and class rooms. This clear functional separation brings clarity in the plan of the faculty and ensures the mixing and casual meeting of students.

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