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a contemporary and fresh look with its own identity

Since our research into the reuse and renovation of existing school buildings in 2014, we have been involved in this task through our projects and research. We would like to further explain this subject, as it is not so easily displayed in the projects or research page on our website.

Many school buildings are decades old and no longer meet the current standards for spatial possibilities and use, but certainly also for the indoor climate and energy consumption. Demolition and new construction is often the chosen path, but there is an alternative: a tailored renovation specific to that school.

For example, a post-war school often has beautiful high and large spaces with many windows and is well built. What we strive for is to use the 'old' qualities again with a design that is in line with the current and future wishes of a school board, to create extra space for this (which is often relatively easy to realize in or on top of the building) is) and equally sustainable.

The school gets a contemporary and fresh look with its own identity, and meets current standards. We believe that for certain schools these renovations can be smarter and cheaper than a new construction, including future use. This certainly does not apply to every school, sometimes new construction is the best option. But many buildings offer an enormous number of possibilities and with a cheaper and quicker construction design, several schools can be modernized on a short term, whereby the children and teachers are able to teach in a building with a healthy indoor climate.

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