User experience
the experience of space and the build environment

As you can read on the homepage of our website, this is the key point in our approach to architecture. The word user has (unfortunately) become a buzzword the last few years, but we are talking about more. It is about the experience of space and the build environment.

In our view, the experience of two types of users are important. First, the direct user, who uses the design in its function. For example, the visitors of a theatre, or those who park their bicycle in a bicycle parking. In addition, there is the indirect user, who does not use the design direct in its function, but experiences the influence of the design. For example, neighbours or passers. We see both of these, equally important groups, as the user of the design. We have a close contact with the user, finding their wishes regarding the experience of the task to be designed by us. They are our focus.

In this study, we look both in our own as in several key adjacent disciplines to find out the needs of the user. For instance, we are much engaged with literature from the field of 'environmental psychology'.

If you would like to know more about our research on this subject, please feel free to contact us.

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